• A Close Look at Deal Drivers for 2023
    POSTED 1.26.23 M&A, TLPE Case Study

    When looking ahead at 2023, it’s clear there are economic headwinds out there impacting deal-making, including inflation and the threat of recession.

    Big tech companies are entering a period of austerity, with giants like Google and Microsoft laying off tens of thousands of employees recently. They over-hired during the pandemic, and they are now having layoffs.

    But I’d make the case that lower middle market M&A, especially with regards to tech, media, and telecommunications firms and business services companies, will see no slowdown in deals… In fact, there could very well be an increase in transactions in the coming year.

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  • Breaking Down Your Transactional Liability Insurance Options: No Insurance, Traditional Buy-Side, and New Sell-Side
    POSTED 1.25.23 Naked Tail, TLPE Case Study

    When looking at options to cover a M&A transaction in the past, we’ve always said that you could either use traditional Representations and Warranty (R&W) insurance or… nothing.

    Nothing would often be the case for deal sizes under $20M, where R&W coverage simply does not extend these days except in very special cases.

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  • TLPE Case Study: Buyer Uses TLPE to Win Auction on Desirable $13M Tech Company
    POSTED 1.25.23 Naked Tail, TLPE Case Study

    For many years, it was standard practice for Sellers in M&A deals with leverage to insist that Buyers forgo escrows as part of the terms of their deal and instead use Representations and Warranty (R&W) insurance.

    However, there is a catch …
    This process works only if the target’s pricing is above the Buy-Side R&W guidelines, which is $20M in most cases. And even then most insurers are reluctant to cover more than 30% of the purchase price.

    Enter Transaction Liability Private Enterprise (TLPE) insurance.
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