• Heather Madland | Scaling Founder-Owned Businesses
    POSTED 11.28.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    There’s enormous opportunity in professionalizing and scaling founder-owned businesses.
    But what does it take to become a leader in this area?
    In this episode, I’m joined by Heather Madland of Huron Capital for an inside look at the firm.

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  • Richard Parker | An Inside Look at Sell-Side M&A
    POSTED 11.17.22 M&A, M&A Masters Podcast

    The sell-side of M&A brings unique challenges and opportunities. In this episode, I’m joined by Richard Parker of Roy Street Advisors for an inside look at a sell-side firm.
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  • Two Ways TLPE Insurance Might Cover Your Next Deal
    POSTED 11.2.22 M&A

    Two Ways TLPE Insurance Might Cover Your Next Deal

    When it comes to acquisitions by PE firms, having Representations and Warranty insurance to cover the deal has become almost S.O.P. – it’s that common.

    But not every transaction qualifies, such as those under $30M in EV, or deals where the target’s financial records weren’t complete, and the Underwriters declined to cover the deal or at least included many exclusions.

    There is an alternative to traditional R&W insurance. A specialized new product that can also act as a solid alternative to “tail” policies for Directors & Officers liability coverage, also known as “naked tail” policies.

    First, here’s what to do if R&W coverage is not an option.
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  • Justin Smith | Scaling Family Businesses
    POSTED 10.28.22 M&A, M&A Masters Podcast, Podcast

    Why do M&A Masters love the lower middle market?
    You get the opportunity to aggressively scale family businesses…

    In this episode, I’m joined by Justin Smith of LongWater Opportunities, a private equity firm based in the Midwest.
    Justin’s firm has firsthand experience growing family businesses, and he’s here to share his expertise.

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  • Case Studies: TLPE and Multiple Sellers
    POSTED 10.19.22 M&A

    In this series on the protection offered by Transaction Liability Private Enterprise (TLPE) insurance to small- and medium-sized business owners who are selling their companies, I’ve written about how it is especially useful in M&A transactions involving tech companies, as well as so-called “indifferent buyers.”  
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  • Case Studies: TLPE and Indifferent Buyers
    POSTED 10.12.22 M&A

    You’re a small to medium-sized business about to be acquired by a much larger Strategic Buyer. You want some measure of protection during the transaction, and you’d prefer not to let a large portion of the sale proceeds sit in escrow for years in case some or all of it could potentially be clawed back if there is breach of a rep in the purchase agreement.
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  • Case Studies: TLPE Insurance and Tech Companies
    POSTED 10.5.22 M&A

    There is a new R&W product taking the lower middle market M&A world by storm: Transaction Liability Private Enterprise (TLPE).

    TLPE insurance is designed to fit a blind spot in deals that Buy-Side R&W policies won’t cover, specifically deals ranging from $1M to now $30M in enterprise value. Historically, these deals have been ineligible for traditional (R&W) coverage. Enter TLPE, which was innovated by London-based CFC Underwriting just one year ago, to offer protection for deals that are either too small or too expensive to justify a Buy-Side R&W policy.
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  • Jamar Freeman | Build a Market-Leading Company
    POSTED 9.28.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    What does it take to be an M&A Master for the IT and cybersecurity industries? 

    Jamar Freeman of Moonshot Equity Partners is here to share his firm’s holistic approach to acquiring and building market-leading companies.    
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  • Jeffrey Brooker | An Inside Look at the Independent Sponsor Conference 
    POSTED 9.21.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    If you’re an independent sponsor or a capital provider, you won’t want to miss the upcoming Independent Sponsor Conference…   

    Featuring one-on-one networking meetings with people hand-selected to match you…   

    This is an unbeatable opportunity to connect with someone and lay the groundwork for deals… 

    In this episode, Jeffrey Brooker, an organizer of the conference, is here to give you all the details on what to expect. 

    Jeffrey also gives insight into the role of an independent sponsor and how it differs from private equity. 
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  • Think of Insurance as a War Chest
    POSTED 9.14.22 M&A

    You know about the drama with Elon Musk and Twitter. Lawsuits are flying back and forth, with both sides alleging breach of contract after Musk declined to buy the social media giant.

    For super-billionaires like Musk and multi-billion-dollar companies like Twitter, they have the millions needed for such drama. Money is no object.

    But most of us don’t have that kind of cash. That means when something goes south during a liquidity event, you need to have the proper insurance coverage in place – and proper level.

    But I propose that you should think about this insurance as more than just protection. Think of it as a war chest.

    Here’s what I mean…
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