We believe in the dreamers, the risk takers, the mavericks . . . we believe in the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs take risks. It’s part of the game, and the one thing that sets them apart from other people. Entrepreneurs are masters at assessing risk, weighing the ideal outcome, against the worst outcome and, with courage, driving themselves, their team and their company to towards that ideal.

So, to the dreamers, the risk takers, the mavericks, we salute you…

  • You are persistent.
  • You are courageous.
  • You are the future.

We exist to help you grapple with the risks you face in business. To mitigate the risks and to protect you against the worst-case outcome, so that you can act boldly in the pursuit of your dreams. We believe that entrepreneurs should get more of the cash from the sale of their business, when the sale happens — not after years of escrow.

We believe that entrepreneurs are freed to focus on progress and growth, when the downside risks of operating the business are well understood and protected. We believe that entrepreneurs should be protected from frivolous lawsuits that rob resources, energy and attention from the business.

We believe that insurance is a strategic tool for an entrepreneur, not a product to be bought or sold. I started Rubicon Insurance because I believe in the promise of the entrepreneur. And I was increasingly frustrated with the approach traditional brokers take towards business owners.

So I created a firm where the entrepreneur and his or her outcomes are put first. In the growth stage of your business the focus is on understand your risks and protecting against the worst-case outcomes. As you approach the sale of your business the focus shifts to protecting your proceeds from the sale and liberating them from escrow, so you can enjoy your wealth now.

Executive Team

Patrick Stroth
Patrick Stroth President & CEO

President & CEO of Rubicon Insurance Services, LLC. Today, Patrick’s practice involves harnessing niche insurance tools to empower Sellers of companies to secure a clean exit from their M&A transactions faster, and with significantly more cash at closing. This keen focus in the M&A space has earned Patrick the title “Champion of the Clean Exit”. Patrick has spent all 28 years of his career in the Insurance Brokerage community. He’s been an Executive Liability specialist for the past 21 years with an emphasis on other transaction related insurance solutions, including Directors & Officers Liability, Accounts Receivable Insurance (Trade Credit Liability), and Cyber Security & Privacy Liability. In April 2000, Patrick founded Rubicon Insurance Services, LLC, where he developed as an Industry leading provider of Medical Professional Liability, HIPAA, and Medical Billing Regulatory policies for the Healthcare Industry. Patrick is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University and holds an Associate in Risk Management designation. A native San Franciscan, he now lives in Menlo Park, CA with his wife Barbara and their two daughters.

Marina bo
Marina bo Director

Marina Bo is the Director of Operations at Rubicon Insurance Services, LLC. Marina joined Rubicon in 2015, supporting implementation of complex professional executive and cyber liability coverage programs. With her expertise and approachable nature, Marina is our clients’ first phone call to explain coverage issues, provide key documents, and provide working knowledge to brokers for product lines and market sectors that may be unfamiliar territory, enabling each of our brokers to deliver for their clients with confidence. A native of California’s Silicon Valley, Marina is a graduate of the University of Alabama and holds a Human Environmental Science degree. When she is not watching college football (Roll Tide!), Marina is enjoying the outdoors with her two dogs.

Caroline Colunga
Caroline Colunga Director of Social Media R&D

Caroline Colunga is the Director of Social Media at Rubicon Insurance Services, LLC. Caroline joined Rubicon in June of 2017, working full time during the summer and school breaks and part time during the school year. Caroline’s responsibilities include: Cleaning out, building up, and managing Rubicon’s CRM database, research and development, engaging in initial client outreach, creating and sending out marketing materials, statistical reporting, assisting with the redesign of Rubicon’s website, as well as maintaining all social media accounts. Caroline is currently studying Marketing at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business and will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in June of 2019. When Caroline isn’t working or hitting the books at SCU she enjoys traveling (and recently returned from a semester abroad in London!) and going to Giants games with her family.