• Clint Tripodi | How to Set a Strategy And Execute It
    POSTED 12.28.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    As we prepare for the new year, it’s time to set your strategy…

    What strategy?,” you might think, “We just need to make more money.”

    But a business without a strategy is destined for failure.

    Especially in today’s changing world, where an unexpected crisis could derail your business.

    And it’s not enough to set a strategy…

    You have to execute it, too.

    Liberty Company Insurance Brokers’ own Clint Tripodi is here to talk strategic planning facilitation and executive development.

    Clint will show you how to have a successful strategy session—and actually follow through on your plan.
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  • Step by Step Process for Applying, Quoting, Underwriting and Ultimate Placement of a Rep & Warranty Policy
    POSTED 12.21.22 Fiduciary, Insurance, M&A

    Step 1: There’s no insurance application. If needed, Rubicon will sign any NDA required by either party. We then required the following documents:
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  • The Lowdown on “Naked Tail” D&O, EPL and Fiduciary Insurance
    POSTED 12.14.22 Fiduciary, M&A, Naked Tail

    In insurance parlance, if you insure a particular exposure, you’re covered. If not, you’re bare. If you’re looking for a policy that covers something that’s never been covered before, you’re… naked.

    That’s the situation many privately held, small, and middle-market companies find themselves in when they seek to sell their business.

    The Buyer asks them to secure Directors and Officers Liability insurance (D&O), specifically a “tail” policy to make sure there’s a source of insurance coverage in case the Seller is held liable for any wrongful acts against an employee or others – things like human resources issues or fraud – committed before the closing date.
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  • Vinay Bachireddy | Helping Owners Embrace Technology
    POSTED 12.7.22 M&A, M&A Masters Podcast, Podcast

    Vinay Bachireddy | Helping Owners Embrace Technology
    What does it take to bring technology and data capital to middle-market businesses?
    In today’s digital world, there’s an enormous opportunity in helping business owners embrace technology…
    In this episode, I’m joined by Vinay Bachireddy, a managing partner at Weave Growth Partners.
    Weave Growth Partners is a Silicon Valley firm that backs owners and executives who want to make their businesses more customer-centric using technology and data science.
    Vinay is here to discuss M&A with a tech focus, Silicon Valley trends for next year, and more.
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