• Ben Brown | Benefits of a Buy & Hold Strategy
    POSTED 11.30.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    When you have an indefinite holding period, you’re buying for the long term…
    What are the strategies of firms that operate in this way?
    Ben Brown, founder of Alderman Enterprises, is here to share his perspective on M&A.

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  • Heather Madland | Scaling Founder-Owned Businesses
    POSTED 11.28.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    There’s enormous opportunity in professionalizing and scaling founder-owned businesses.
    But what does it take to become a leader in this area?
    In this episode, I’m joined by Heather Madland of Huron Capital for an inside look at the firm.

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  • Richard Parker | An Inside Look at Sell-Side M&A
    POSTED 11.17.22 M&A, M&A Masters Podcast

    The sell-side of M&A brings unique challenges and opportunities. In this episode, I’m joined by Richard Parker of Roy Street Advisors for an inside look at a sell-side firm.
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  • Rep and Warranty Insurance Is a “Mature” Product
    POSTED 11.9.22 M&A

    In the world of M&A, Representations and Warranty (R&W) coverage has become a go-to transaction insurance product. Many PE firms, for example, have made it an almost standard part of any deal that is able to be covered.

    Simply put, R&W is a mature insurance product and despite its growth in popularity, it has not fallen off in terms of quality.
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  • Two Ways TLPE Insurance Might Cover Your Next Deal
    POSTED 11.2.22 M&A

    Two Ways TLPE Insurance Might Cover Your Next Deal

    When it comes to acquisitions by PE firms, having Representations and Warranty insurance to cover the deal has become almost S.O.P. – it’s that common.

    But not every transaction qualifies, such as those under $30M in EV, or deals where the target’s financial records weren’t complete, and the Underwriters declined to cover the deal or at least included many exclusions.

    There is an alternative to traditional R&W insurance. A specialized new product that can also act as a solid alternative to “tail” policies for Directors & Officers liability coverage, also known as “naked tail” policies.

    First, here’s what to do if R&W coverage is not an option.
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