• Sly Buford | Strategies for the Lower Middle Market
    POSTED 7.27.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    How do you get owners to stop thinking like operators…
    And start thinking like investors?
    For the lower middle market, this mindset shift is crucial for a clean exit.
    In this episode, I talk to Sly Buford, founder, and CEO of Tenth Street Group, which specializes in helping lower middle market businesses grow, scale, and exit. Sly had an unconventional path to becoming an investor, and he’s here to share how he found M&A success.
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  • Marty Fahncke | Finding Success in the Lower Middle Market
    POSTED 7.20.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    In this week’s episode of M&A Masters, we sit down with Marty Fahncke to talk about M&A for the lower middle market. Marty is a partner at Westbound Road, LLC and has over 30 years of experience in building and growing businesses.
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  • Legal Diligence Reports and R&W Insurance
    POSTED 7.13.22 Representations and Warranty

    I’m helping a first-time client place Representations and Warranty (R&W) insurance, and it’s taking a bit of hand-holding on this first go-around as we get quotes from insurers and review other elements of the process.

    We should all keep in mind that the primary thing Underwriters want to see is thorough due diligence. Otherwise, they are going to be a lot of exclusions in the policy.
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  • Alistair McBride | How to win your deal-by building trust
    POSTED 7.6.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    You might think of M&A as a zero-sum game…

    But that’s where many business owners go wrong.

    It might surprise you to hear that building trust with the opposing side is the key to securing your clean exit.

    This episode’s guest, Alistair McBride, coaches business owners in the fine art of negotiating M&A deals. 

    Alistair has seen deals succeed when business owners treat their opponents like their ally.

    He calls this “the psychological edge of negotiation.”

    In today’s episode, we discuss how you can use this idea to win over the other side and sell them your vision—so you can both close with maximum value.
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