• It’s Never Too Late for TLPE
    POSTED 6.29.22 M&A

    It’s Never Too Late for TLPE
    I was at a conference recently talking with an M&A advisor. One of his clients sold his RV park for about $10M a few months prior. But, he was getting nervous that he has money withheld from the purchase price, in escrow, in case of a breach of the purchase and sale agreement.
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  • Deborah Smith | Trends in Real Estate NOW
    POSTED 6.22.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    On this week’s episode of M&A Masters, we’re sitting down with Deborah Smith to talk about real estate, a first on this show!

    Deborah is the Co-Founder and CEO of The CenterCap Group. The CenterCap Group, LLC, is a boutique investment bank providing strategic advisory, capital-raising, and consulting-related services to public and private corporations, owners, operators, and investment managers. They are exclusively focused on the real estate sector, with a deep understanding of what drives the industry and the relationships to back that up.

    Deborah says, “We are all things real estate and we haven’t strayed from that. Our whole goal is to be in the middle… if you think about real estate and you need an advisor, you should call us.”

    Listen to learn: 
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  • Patrick Turner | Leveraging Financial and Industry Expertise to Drive Growth
    POSTED 6.17.22 M&A Masters Podcast

    In this week’s episode of M&A Masters, we sit down with Patrick Turner to talk about how his company is transforming good companies into great companies through their partnerships. 
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  • A Look Back at 2022 Q1 M&A Activity
    POSTED 6.9.22 M&A

    As we exit the first quarter of 2022, all the buzz is around the slowdown in M&A activity.

    It’s true that deal activity in the beginning of 2022 is a drop from Q4 2021, as well as a drop compared with Q3, Q2, and Q1 of 2021 because there was so much pent-up activity as pandemic closures waned.
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  • Case Study: A Strategic Buyer and TLPE Insurance
    POSTED 6.1.22 Insurance

    Case Study: A Strategic Buyer and TLPE Insurance

    It took years for Representations & Warranty insurance (R&W) to gain the trust of the M&A community.

    For years, lawyers argued that nothing was more sure than cold- hard cash sitting in an escrow account.

    But PE firms, seeing the value of R&W’s ability to successfully transfer risk at a reasonable cost propelled the use of R&W to where it’s present in far more deals than not.
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