• The Process of the Due Diligence Call for R&W Insurance Coverage
    POSTED 6.27.18 M&A

    Representations and Warranty insurance is the ideal way to protect both Buyer and Seller in an M&A transaction. If there is a breach of a representation or warranty in the purchase and sale agreement, they are protected. Both sides come out ahead because the risk is transferred to a third party: the insurance company.
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  • Jimmy Vallee | M&A Trends in the Energy Sector
    POSTED 6.20.18 M&A Masters Podcast

    Technology isn’t the only fast changing industry. Listen to Jimmy Vallee explain why the oil and gas business is so dynamic that the city of Houston is now considered the “Silicon Valley” of energy.

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  • What Happens on Closing Day When You Have Representations and Warranty Insurance
    POSTED 6.13.18 M&A

    Closing an M&A deal is similar to closing escrow on a house. You sign documents, a wire transfer with the funds is processed, and you take possession.

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  • Arthur Cirulnick | The Most Important Document in Your M&A Deal
    POSTED 6.6.18 M&A Masters Podcast

    If you’re considering your first deal, why not get the perspective from someone who has successfully completed over 500 deals in the past 30 years.

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