• Rep and Warranty Coverage Now Widely Available for Smaller M&A Deals
    POSTED 2.28.18 M&A

    Up until very recently, rep and warranty insurance, which offers many advantages to buyers and sellers during mergers and acquisitions, has been available primarily with deals worth $50 million or more.

    But good news for those involved in smaller deals.

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  • Why Strategic Buyers Don’t Need Rep and Warranty but Shouldn’t Do a Deal Without It
    POSTED 2.9.18 M&A

    A couple of years back, I witnessed a train wreck of an acquisition that could have gone much, much smoother if the parties involved had taken one extra, but very low cost, step as they put together the deal.

    Let me set the scene. The owner of a telecommunications company was ready to sell… to the tune of $100+ million. He had a buyer all ready to go. That’s when the trouble started.

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